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Died Place appears in at least 903 genealogy books

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"Banks and Patton family genealogy, vol. 8"

John Resler & Elizabeth Ritenour family history lines, Vol. 10

Daniel Seneff & Susanna Barnett family history lines, Vol. 8

Heinrich Brase & Mary Louise Santelman family history lines, Vol. 4B

The Blakes of the Cape Fear, Vol. 3

The story that Blanche told 1838-1974

The family of Alexander Stewart, Vol. 2

The history of "John Biggs" of Kimpton, Hert's., England : his progenitors, posterity and brief family histories, 1664-1991, VOl. 1, Supp

Letters, pictures and information on the Kent and the Redig families

The Webb family

Learmonth Genealogy

German immigrant case studies, Vol. 4

Acadian geneal., v.37 ; Acadian genealogy exchange

The ancestry of Samuel Caldwell Stayton

Lewis newsletter : a family publication - v.4,no.3 Jul 1994

William B. Senff & Eliza A. Schlichter family history lines, Vol. 10B

Walker footprints - v.14 1993

Jonathan David Wood families; Cathleen Blanche Bird, Eliza Hess

The Beans of Trout Creek : record of decendents of Alexander Bean which settled in Newton County, Southeast Texas, in part

Rammel, Johansson, Leskewich reunions, Supplement: Reunions update 2004

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