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A List of the purchasers of public lands at Columbus and Chocchuma, Mississippi, from 1st October 1833 to 1st January 1834

"Official manual, state of Missouri, 1933 and 1934"

New York red book : an illustrated legislative manual containing the portraits and biographies of the U.S. Senators, Governor, state officers and members of the legislature; also with the portraits of judges and court reporters, the new consitution of the state, election and population ..., Vol. 42 (1933)

Pennsylvania archives. Third series. V. 26

Allschlaraffische Stammrolle

Annual report, 1933

Taxable valuation of the real and personal estates with the amount of tax in the town of Watertown - 1923

Utah GH mag, V. 24; Utah genealogical and historical magazine

Probate Court birth records, Mercer County, Ohio, Vol. 4 1901-1908

Stamtavle over Kirsten Nielsdatters fædrene slægt [fra ca. 1615] : hertil tillæg 1 og 2 samt bilag A

Stamtavle over Inger Margrethe Hansens fædrene slægt med bilag A-C, ca. 1724-1891

Annual report of the municipal officers of the town of Whitefield, 1889

1820 federal census for Indiana

Allschlaraffische Stammrolle

Invoice and taxes of the town of Antrim, New Hampshire : taken April 1, 1877-1893

Essay on the union of church and state

Almanach de Gotha

Genealogy of the family Schmedding, Vol. 1. Part 1

Annual report of the city of Burlington, 1913-1914

Cameron County, Pennsylvania marriage index : [Vol. 4]. Vol. A, B, C (1901), D (1910), E (1915)

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