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The history of Enfield, Connecticut : compiled from all the public records of the town known to exist, covering from the beginning to 1850 ... ; together with the graveyard inscriptions and those Hartford, Northampton and Springfield records v.2

"History of Wabasha County, Minnesota"

History of Winona and Olmsted counties : together with biographical matter, statistics, etc., gathered from matter furnished by interviews with old settlers, county, township and other records, and extracts from files of papers, pamphlets, and such other sources as have been available

Genealogy of the Olmsted family in America : embracing the descendants of James and Richard Olmsted and covering a period of nearly three centuries, 1632-1912

The People's guide : a business, political and religious directory of Bartholomew Co., Ind., together with a collection of very important documents and statistics connected with our moral, political and scientific history; also, a Historical sketch of Bartholomew Co., and a brief history of each township

History of the counties of McKean, Elk, Cameron and Potter, Pennsylvania, with biographical selections : including their early settlement and development; a description of the historic and interesting localities; sketches of their cities, towns and villages; portraits of prominent men; biographies of representative citizens; outline history of Pennsylvania; statistics


Fiftieth anniversary celebration : Hyde Park Presbyterian Church, 1860 ... 1910 ... Chicago, May first to eighth, nineteen hundred and ten

History of the Simon Mills family through his son John Mills and grandson Joseph Mills of Simsbury, Conn., Vol. 2

A history of Hampden County, Massachusetts, vol. 2

History of Winona and Olmsted counties : together with biographical matter, statistics, etc. ..

Year book of the Congregational Christian Churches of the United States of America - 1929

Who's who in America, v. 10 (1918-1919)

History of Buffalo and Erie County, 1914-1919

Genealogical and personal history of northern Pennsylvania v. 2

The Hosmer heritage : ancestors and descendants of the emigrant Thomas Hosmer (1603-1687), Vol. 3

The Kelloggs in the Old world and the New

Hartford times : newspaper queries 1937-1946; Vol.03

The Ely ancestry : lineage of Richard Ely of Plymouth, England, who came to Boston, Mass., about 1655 & settled at Lyme, Conn., in 1660 : with a very interesting sketch of the origin and history of the Elyes of Utterby & of Wonston

The Kelloggs in the old world and the new

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