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Longworth's American almanac, New-York register and city directory

Houston city directory

San Francisco, California, city directory

Reminiscences of public men in Alabama : for thirty years, with an appendix

Indianapolis, Indiana city directory

San Francisco (San Francisco County, Calif.) city directory

Trow's general directory of the boroughs of Manhattan and Bronx, city of New York

New York City directory - 1842-1843

Early records of Georgia, Wilkes County

Macon, Georgia newspaper clippings : Weekly telegraph, Vol. 8

Reminiscences of public men in Alabama, for thirty years : with an appendix

Weyburn-Wyborn genealogy : being a history and pedigree of Thomas Wyborn of Boston and Scituate, Massachusetts, and Samuel Weyburn of Pennsylvania, with notes on the origin of the family in England, and several branches in Kent County in particular

Tillman and Hamilton family records : with their many ancestral lineages

Mississippi cemetery and bible records; Vol. 03

Indianapolis, Indiana city directory

Indianapolis, Indiana city directory

McElroy's Philadelphia directory for ...

The military history of Wisconsin : a record of the civil and military patriotism of the state, in the war for the union, with a history of the campaigns in which Wisconsin soldiers have been conspicuus, regimental histories, sketches of distinguished officers--the roll of the illustrious dead--movements of the Legislature and state officers, etc.

Sandifer : lines of John D. Sandifer (c1783-1854), Johnson P. Sandifer (c1796- 1866), Joseph Sandifer (1800-1871), Joshua A. Sandifer (1797-1882), Peter Sandifer (1771-1844), William Nightingale Sandifer (?by1760- 1850), William Y. Sandifer (17, Vol. 1

The Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography - v. 3 (1879)

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