Sunday Fannin in Genealogy Books

Sunday Fannin appears in at least 14 genealogy books

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Houston city directory

The New encyclopedia of Texas; vol. 4

Mackeys and Eberlys of Texas; and allied families of McIlwaine, Elgin, Harrison, Adams, Smallwood, Stone, Troope and Perry of Ky., Tenn., Md., and Va.

The book of Houston : a brief sketch of its history, educational facilities, industrial life,, architectural features, government, charitable institutions, and a glimpse into the future / by the fifth, sixth and seventh year pupils of the Houst

The encyclopedia of Texas

Houston city directory

History of Wabash County, Indiana : a narrative account of its historical progress, its people, and its principal interests v. 1

History of Shreveport and Shreveport builders, Vol. 1

History of White County, Illinois

Shreveport city directory. 1924

Shreveport city directory. 1921

Confederate veteran (Nashville, Tennessee), Vol. 23

Shreveport city directory. 1923

History of Wabash County, Indiana : containing a history of the county; its townships, towns, military records portraits of early settlers and prominent men, personal reminiscences, etc.

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