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A history of Farmington, Franklin County, Maine, from the earliest explorations to the present time, 1776-1885

The history of the descendants of Elder John Strong of Northampton, Massachusetts

A digest of the early Connecticut probate records v. 3

A digest of the early Connecticut probate records, vol. 3

History of Methodism in Maine, 1793-1886. Published with the approval of the Maine and East Maine conferences

The descendants of Rev. Thomas Hooker, Hartford, Connecticut, 1586-1908 : being an account of what is known of Rev. Thomas Hooker's family in England, and more particularly concerning himself and his influence upon the early history of our coun

The history of the descendants of Elder John Strong, of Northampton, Mass.

John North of Farmington, Connecticut, and his descendants : with a short account of other early North families

A history of the town of Industry, Franklin County, Maine, from the earliest settlement in 1787 down to the present time, embracing the cessions of New Sharon, New Vineyard, Anson, and Stark. In two parts, including the history and genealogy of many of the leading families of the town

Green's Connecticut annual register and United States Calendar

Book XVIII of the genealogy of the Lewis family

History and genealogy of the Pomeroy family : collateral lines in family groups, Normandy, Great Britain and America; comprising the ancestors and descendants of Eltweed Pomeroy from Beaminster, County Dorset, England, 1631

Kennebec yesterdays

General catalogue of Bowdoin College and the Medical School of Maine, 1794-1894 : including a historical sketch of the institution during its first century

Genealogical history of Deacon Stephen Hart and his descendants, 1632 - 1875 : with an introduction of miscellaneous Harts and their progenitors, as far as known; to which is added a list of all the clergy of the name found, all the physicians,

Memoir of the Rev. William Robinson, formerly pastor of the Congregational church in Southington, Conn. : with some account of his ancestors in this country

History of the old towns, Norridgewock and Canaan : comprising Norridgewock, Canaan, Starks, Skowhegan, and Bloomfield from their early settlement to the year 1849 including a sketch of the Adnakis Indians.

Biographical review : this volume contains biographical sketches of leading citizens of Oxford and Franklin counties, Maine

The town register : East Livermore, Livermore, Jay, 1909

The genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland families : an attempt to trace in both the male and the female lines the posterity of Moses Cleveland who came from Ipswich, County Suffolk, England, about 1635, was of Worburn, Middlesex County, Ma v. 1

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