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Confederate veteran (Nashville, Tennessee), Vol. 15

Confederate veteran (Nashville, Tennessee), Vol. 29

Tyler's quarterly historical and genealogical magazine - v. 24, no. 1 Jul 1942

The rebellion record : a diary of American events. Vol. 1

The War of the Rebellion : a compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate armies; ser. 01 v. 15

Official records of the Union and Confederate navies in the War of the Rebellion. Ser. 1 V. 5

The Scots peerage : founded on Wood's edition of Sir Robert Douglas's peerage of Scotland, containing an historical and genealogical account of the nobility of that kingdom, with armorial illustrations, Vol. 2

The presentation of flags to the schools of Portsmouth, N. H., October 9th, 1890

History of Missouri in words of one syllable

Complete history of the 46th regiment, Illinois volunteer infantry, a full and authentic account of the participation of the regiment in the battles, sieges, skirmishes and expeditions in which it was engaged

Massachusetts in the army and navy during the war of 1861-65, Vol. 2

The Book of history; a history of all nations from the earliest times to the present, with over 8,000 illus. With an introd. by Viscount Bryce, contributing authors, W.M. Flinders Petrie and many other specialists

Annual publication of the Historical Society of Southern California

The Spirit of '76 : devoted to the principles, incidents, and men of '76 and colonial times

The Gentry family in America, 1676 to 1909 : including notes on the following families related to the Gentrys: Claiborne, Harris, Hawkins, Robinson, Smith, Wyatt, Sharp, Fulkerson, Butler, Bush, Blythe, Pabody, Noble, Haggard and Tindall

National year book (Sons of the American Revolution) - 1915

The National dean's list - 3rd ed. (1979/80)

The Woodruffs of New Jersey, who came from Fordwich, Kent, England by way of Lynn, Massachusetts and Southampton, Long Island

History of Methodism in Maine, 1793-1886. Published with the approval of the Maine and East Maine conferences

The Montgomery County story, 1776-1957

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