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The registers of St. Paul's Church, Covent Garden, London; Vol. 33

A national register of the Society Sons of the American Revolution

The registers of St. Paul's Church, Covent Garden, London, Vol 37

The tombs, monuments, &c., visible in S. Paul's Cathedral (and S. Faith's beneath it) previous to its destruction by fire A.D. 1666

The parish registers of Ongar, Essex

"Vital records of New Haven, 1649-1850 Pt.1"

The parish registers of Ongar, Essex, 1558-1750

The register book of the parish of St. Nicholas Acons, London, 1539-1812

History of Burley-on-the-Hill, Rutland, with a short account of the owners, and extracts from their correspondence, and catalogue of the contents of the house;

Kelly's directory of the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex : 9with coloured maps)

The county families of the United Kingdom; or, Royal manual of the titled and untitled aristocracy of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland ..

Register of the California Society of the Sons of the American Revolution

The register of the parish of Ravenstone, Co. Bucks, 1568-1812


The Stephens family, with collateral branches

Gold star honor roll. A record of Indiana men and women who died in the service of the United States and the allied nations in the world war. 1914-1918

A collection of curious and interesting epitaphs : copied from the monuments of distinguished and noted characters in the ancient church and burial grounds of Saint Pancras, Middlesex; v. 01

An abridgement of Mr. Baxter's History of his life and times : with an account of the ministers, &c. who were ejected after the restauration of King Charles II, and the continuation of their history, to the passing of the bill against occasional conformity in 1711

Twentieth century history of Sandusky County, Ohio, and representative citizens

Documents relating to the revolutionary history of the state of New Jersey - Ser. 1 v. 20 (1898)

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