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Smith Friendship appears in at least 27 genealogy books

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Chronicles of Cushing and Friendship containing historical, statistical, and miscellaneous information of the two towns ..

History of Allegany County, N. Y.

The New England business directory and gazetteer

New England Merchantile Union business directory for, 1849 : containing an almanac for 1849, ... a business directory for New England; name, location ... of manufacturing establishments, professional men ... advertising register ... of New York

The Methodist review

Massachusetts soldiers and sailors of the Revolutionary War : a compilation from the archives; Vol. 14

The American Baptist magazine - v. 55, no. 9 (Sep. 1875)

Valentine's manual of old New York

Great events in the history of North and South America : from the alleged discovery of the continent by the Northmen in the tenth century, to the present time

The British magazine and monthly register of religious and ecclesiastical information, parochial history and documents respecting the state of the poor, progress of education, etc

The news from Milan, Rhine and old Telfair : 1807-1932, Vol. 1

Soldiers of the great war; v. 03

History of the Presbyterian Church in South Carolina since 1850

The Johns Hopkins University studies in historical and political science

Memorial and biographical record and illustrated compendium of biography of citizens of Columbia, Sauk and Adams counties, Wi

The Home missionary - v. 52, no. 11 (Mar. 1880)

The marked gravesites of Citizens of the Republic of Texas

The New England business directory and gazetteer

Book plates and their value : English and American plates

History of Licking County, O [i.e. Ohio], its past and present : containing a condensed, comprehensive history of Ohio, including an outline history of the Northwest, a complete history of Licking County, its, townships, cities, towns, villages

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