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Harris family; descendants of William Harris of Campbell County, Virginia, Part 1

The Missionary herald - v. 26

Broad Bay descendants' correspondence : letters, research, documents -1990-2000 : relating to the history of Broad Bay (Waldoboro), Maine : the German colony of Broad Bay settled by Samuel Waldo, gent. 1742-1753; v. 06

Pietas Oxoniensis, or, A full and impartial account of the expulsion of six students from St. Edmund Hall, Oxford : with a dedication to the Right Honourable, the Earl of Litchfield, Chancellor of that university

The Dictionary of national biography; Vol. 10

Chetham miscellanies

Elsie Thoresen collection : Hirtle family genealogy (book xix): Hirtle, Colin Erbin - Hirtle, Everette Leonard

Personalities of the West and Midwest - 1972-73

Wade Charles Wightman genealogical collection; v. 01

Documents relating to the revolutionary history of the state of New Jersey - Ser. 1 v. 20 (1898)

Remains, historical & literary, connected with the palatine counties of Lancaster and Chester

Record Society for the Publication of Original Documents relating to Lancashire and Cheshire : [publications]

The National dean's list - 9th ed., v. 2 (1985/86)

Warren County marriage records : of Warren County, New Jersey

Origin and history of the name of Bennett : with biographies of all the most noted persons of that name. And an account of the origin of forenames and surnames together with over five hundred Christian names of men and women and their significa

The Missionary herald - v. 29

The dictionary of national biography : from the earliest times to 1900; v. 08

The works of Hubert Howe Bancroft; Vol. 20

The National dean's list - 3rd ed. (1979/80)

How England saved Europe: the story of the great war (1793-1815)

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