Martha Fa in Genealogy Books

Martha Fa appears in at least 37 genealogy books

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The American genealogical index, Vol. 4

The American genealogical index, Vol. 45

The American genealogical index; Vol. 48

Foote family, comprising the genealogy and history of Nathaniel Foote of Wethersfield, Conn., and his descendants : also a partial record of the descendants of Pasco Foote of Salem, Mass.; Richard Foote of Stafford County, Va.; and John Foote of New York

A history of the Adams and Evarts families

Genealogy of the Shoemaker family of Cheltenham, Pennsylvania

Marriage records of Yalobusha County, Mississippi

Cemetery inscriptions of Sullivan County, Missouri; v. 05

Cemetery records of Livingston County, Missouri; v. 03

Arizona Sisters Project; Vol. B

Annual report of the municipal officers of the town of Hartford, Maine

Cemetery records of northern Carroll County, Missouri; v. 01

Family manuscripts; v. 17

Peter Jones and Richard Jones genealogies

The Oxford dictionary of English Christian names

The DeMoss family in America

Kansas City, Kansas, city directory - 1965

The Farm Journal illustrated rural directory of Onondaga County, New York, 1917-1922

Genealogy of the MacClaughry family : a Scoto-Irish family originally from Galloway, Scotland; appearing in Ireland about 1600, and emigrants to New York in 1765

The works ..

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