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History of St. Louis County, Missouri...; v. 02

Savitar - 1959

Encyclopedia of the history of Missouri, a compendium of history and biography for ready reference v. 1

Centennial history of Missouri (the center state) : one hundred years in the Union, 1820-1921, Vol. 2

Confederate veteran (Nashville, Tennessee), Vol. 11

Duluth and St. Louis County, Minnesota : their story and people; an authentic narrative of the past, with particular attention to the modern era, prepared under the editorial supervision of Walter Van Brunt, assisted by a board of advisory editorial supervision of Walter Van Brunt, assisted by a board of advisory editors; v. 01

"The city of Saint Louis of to-day, its progress and prospects"

Who's who in America, v. 10 (1918-1919)

Germany, England, and Scotland;

Saint Louis to-day - 1912

The hatchet : being the ... year book of Washington University - 1961

The History of France : from the earliest times to 1848, Vol. 1

Bitton bulletin - v.5, (July 1969)

The History of Montgomery County, Ohio : containing a history of the county; its townships, cities, towns, schools, churches, etc., general and local statistics; portraits of early settlers and prominent men; history of the Northwest Territory;

Zanesville and Muskingum County, Ohio : a history of the Indians who trod this section ere the white man came, of the making of city and county by the heroic pioneers and the growth of local civilization during six score fruitful years, Vol. 3

Biographical history of Page County, Iowa : containing portraits of all the presidents of the United States from Washington to Harrison, with accompanying biographies of each; a condensed history of Iowa, with portraits and biographies of the governors of the state; engravings of prominent citizens in Page County, with personal histories of many of the early settlers and leading families; and a concise history of the county, the cities, and townships

Historical encyclopedia of Illinois : history of Morgan County

William the Third

The naval and military heroes of Great Britain; or, Calendar of victory, being a record of British valour and conquest by sea and land on every day in the year; with chronological and alphabetical indexes

Walsh heritage : a story of Walsh county and its pioneers, Vol. 2

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