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Kelly's directory of the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex : 9with coloured maps)

Memoirs of the Historical society of Pennsylvania. [v. 1]-14

Biographia Scoticana : or a brief historical account of the lives, characters and memorable transactions of the most eminent Scots worthies

The history of the ancient, noble, and illustrious family of Gordon, from their first arrival in Scotland, in Malcolm III.'s time, to the year 1690 : together with the history of the most remarkable transactions in Scotland, from the beginnign of Robert I. his reign, to that year 1690, containing the space of about 400 years, all faithfully collected from ancient and modern, Scots and foreign historians, manuscripts, records, and registers of this nation, in two volumes

Fiske family papers

American quarterly register

A collection of state tracts, publish'd on occasion of the late revolution in 1688, and during the reign of King William III

Fourteen papers, viz. I. A letter from a gentleman in Ireland, to his friend in London, upon occasion of a pamphlet, entituled, A vindication of the present government of Ireland, under His Excellency Richard, Earl of Tyrconnel. II. A letter from a freeholder, to the rest of the freeholders of England, and all others, who have votes in the choice of Parliament-men. III. An enquiry into the reasons for abrogating the test imposed on all members of Parliament. Offered by Sa. Oxon. IV. Reflections on a late pamphlet, entituled, Parliamentum pacificum. Licensed by the Earl of Sunderland, and printed at London in March, 1688. V. A letter to a dissenter, upon occasion of His Majesties late gracious Declaration of indulgence. VI. The anatomy of an equivalent. VII. A letter from a clergy-man in the city, to his friend in the country, containing his reasons for not reading the Declaration. VIII. An answer to the city minister's letter, from his country friend. IX. A letter to a dissenter from his friend at the Hague, concerning the penal laws, and the test; shewing that the popular plea for liberty of conscience is not concerned in that question. X. A plain account of the persecution laid to the charge of the Church of England. XI. Abby and other church-lands, not yet assured to such possessors as are Roman Catholicks; dedicated to the nobility and gentry of that religion. XII. The King's power in ecclesiastical matters truly stated. XIII. A letter to several French ministers fled into Germany upon the account of the persecution in France, to such of their brethren in England as approved the Kings Declaration touching liberty of conscience, translated from the original in French. XIV. Popish treaties not to be rely'd on: in a letter from a gentleman at York, to his friend in the Prince of Orange's camp. Addressed to all members of the next Parliament

The Friend : a religious and literary journal

Mother Bunch's closet newly broke open, and the History of Mother Bunch of the West

Notes and queries

Medford (Jackson County, Oregon) city directory, : including Ashland, contains: buyers' guide and a complete classified business directory - 1990

Oliver Cromwell, a history; comprising a narrative of his life, with extracts from his letters and speeches, and an account of the political, religious, and military affairs of England during his time

Notes and queries

The Law papers : correspondence and documents during Jonathan Law's governorship of the colony of Connecticut, 1741-1750; vol. 1

Index to the Sloane manuscripts in the British Museum

Names: and their meaning; a book for the curious

Souvenir of settlement and progress of Will County, Ill., and of the state of Illinois : complete history and directory of Will Co., pioneers and old settlers, early settlement, military history, 1832-1865, political history, 1836-1884, commerc

A collection of state tracts, publish'd on occasion of the late revolution in 1688, and during the reign of King William III. : To which is prefix'd, The history of the Dutch war in 1672. Translated from the French copy printed at Paris in 1682. which was supprest at the instance of the English embassador, because of the discoveries it made of the league betwixt the kings of France and England for enslaving Europe, and introducing the popish religion into these kingdoms, and the United Provinces ..

Lyon and Thompson genealogy : Kentucky, Maryland and Virginia pioneers

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