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The Court leet records of the manor of Machester, from the year 1552 to the year 1686, and from the year 1731 to the year 1846. Printed under the superintendence of a committee appointed by the Municipal Council of the City of Manchester, from the original minute books in their possession

A genealogical history of the noble and illustrious family of Courtenay in three parts : the first giveth an account of the Counts of Edessa, of that family, the second of that branch that is in France, the third, of that branch that is in Engl;

The Parliament and Councils of England, chronologically arranged [electronic resource] : from the reign of William I. to the Revolution in 1688 : dedicated, by permission, to Her Majesty

A genealogical history of the noble and illustrious family of Courtenay : In three parts. The first giveth an account, Of the Counts of Edessa, of that family. The second, Of that branch is in France. The third, Of that branch is in England ...

A popular history of France : from the earliest times; v. 06

The English historical library : in three parts. Giving a short view and character of most of our historians either in print or manuscript: with an account of our records, law-books, coins, and other matters serviceable to the undertakers of a general history of england

A child's history of England, Vol. 1

History of Washington, Idaho, and Montana : 1845-1889

History of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

The history of the Church of Great Britain, from the birth of Our Saviour, untill the year of Our Lord, 1667 : with an exact succession of the bishops and the memorable acts of many of them : together with an addition of all the English cardinals and the several orders of English monks, friars, and nuns in former ages

Archaeologia cambrensis

History of the Incas [electronic resource]

The Chetwynds of Ingestre : being a history of that family from a very early date

The works of Hubert Howe Bancroft; Vol. 31

Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire for the year ..

History of Friedrich II of Prussia, called Frederick the Great

Issue roll of Thomas de Brantingham, bishop of Exeter, Lord high treasurer of England: containing payments made out of His Majesty's revenue in the 44th year of King Edward III., A.D. 1370

An historical account of the Diocese of Down and Connor, ancient and modern

A general collection of treatys, declarations of war, manifestos, and other publick papers, relating to peace and war

The history of the state of Maine; from its first discovery, A. D. 1602, to the separation, A. D. 1820, inclusive

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