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Pennsylvania archives

Pennsylvania archives. Sixth series, Vol. 6

Genealogy of the Stucki family of Wimmis, L?rtscher of Wimmis, Spiez & B?rglen, Gempeler of Frutigen : and Rubin families of Reichenbach, Kt. Bern, Switzerland, abt. 1520-1913

Minnesota in the Civil and Indian wars, 1861-1865

Official roster of the soldiers of the state of Ohio in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1866, Vol. 3

The Groff book, Vol. 2

History of the German struggle for liberty

History of Pennsylvania volunteers, 1861-5; v. 01

U. S. Army register - v. 1

Biographic register - May 1, 1960

Louis and Caroline Franz : and their descendants, 1855-1965

Dod's peerage, baronetage, knightage, etc. of Great Britain and Ireland for ..., including bishops, members of the privy councils, companions of all orders, etc

Johnson County North, KS Polk city directory - 2013 (v. 1)

History of the German struggle for liberty

Genealogy of the Kammacher family of Lenk, abt. 1520-1910 : & allied Kohli family of Zweisimmen, Lenk & St. Stephan, 1528-1908, von M?hlenen of Zweisimmen & Boltigen, 1540-1910, R?thlisberger of Langnau, Trub, Lauperswil, Eggiwil, Trubschachen

The "Old Northwest" genealogical quarterly

A Burch book : comprising a general study of the Burch ancestry in America, and a specific record of the descendants of Jonathan Burtch of the sixth generation, and his good wife Sally Hosford, to which has been added a department of other Burc

Minnesota in the Civil and Indian wars, 1861-1865

Annual report of the Adjutant General

The Johann Siemens family, six generations : an account by Johann Siemens ...; excerpts from the diary of John F. Siemens ...; the John F. Siemens family tree

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