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A genealogy of the Folsom family : John Folsom and his descendants, 1615-1882

Annual reports - 1921

Annual reports

The history of Raymond, N.H.

Sinnett genealogy : Michael Sinnett of Harpswell, Maine, his ancestry and descendants; also records of other Sinnetts, Sinnotts, etc., in Ireland and America

The Tenney family, or, The descendants or Thomas Tenney of Rowley, Mass., 1636-1890

The Tenney family, or the descendants of Thomas Tenney, of Rowley, Massachusetts, 1638-1890

Revised roster of Vermont volunteers : and lists of Vermonters who served in the army and navy of the United States during the War of the Rebellion, 1861-66

Lyon memorial

Annual report of the municipal officers of the town of Newburgh, Maine

Annual report of the city of St. Albans, Vermont, for the fiscal year ended ..

Westbrook family genealogy of Ulster, Orange, Pike and Sussex Counties

Collections of the Dover, N.H. Historical Society : volume 1

Annual report of the municipal officers of the town of Casco - 1907-1913

Probate records of the Province of New Hampshire, Vol. 3, 1741-1749.

Alumni directory and ten-year book

Genealogy of the Stimpson family of Charlestown, Mass., and allied lines

Annual report of the municipal officers of the town of Washington, 1923-1924

Descendants of Nicholas Cady of Watertown, Mass. 1645-1910

Genealogy of the Twining family : descendants of William Twining, Sr., who came from Wales or England, and died at Eastham, Massachusetts, 1659, with information of other Twinings in Great Britain and America

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