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York deeds

York deeds; Vol. 10

York deeds; Vol. 18

York deeds

York deeds; Vol.12 Part 2

York deeds

York deeds; Vol. 07

York deeds; Vol. 15


York deeds; Vol. 12 Part 1

York deeds

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History of Allen County, Ohio : containing a history of the county, its townships, towns, villages, schools, churches, industries, etc.; portraits of early settlers and prominent men; biographies; history of the Northwest Territory; history of

Publications of the Scottish History Society

York deeds; Vol. 17

York deeds; Vol. 09

San Francisco (San Francisco County, Calif.) city directory

Biographical review containing life sketches of leading citizens of Middlesex County, Massachusetts

York deeds

A genealogy of the descendants of Alexander Alvord, an early settler of Windsor, Conn. and Northampton, Mass

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