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Ebbets : the history and genealogy of a New York family

The National dean's list - 10th ed., v. 1 (1986/87)

The National dean's list - 9th ed., v. 2 (1985/86)

Arbutus - 1949

Descendants of Heinrich & Margaretha Werner of Germany and Baltimore, Maryland

Elden L. Moenning genealogy collection; v. 12

Who's who in America - 40th ed v. 1 (1978-1979)

Puerto Rican lineages associated with Africa, Canary Islands, Cuba, Dominican Republic, France, Italy, Mexico and Portugal (Acores/Adeira) (c. 1480-c.1800) : Volume 1: A family history survival guide; Vol. 2

John Sallis I, John Sallis II, John Sallis III, descendants and intermarriage genealogies, 1717 - 1997, Vol. 1

American women; the standard biographical dictionary of notable women

History of the parish of Buxhall in the county of Suffolk; with twenty-four full-plate illustrations and a large parish map (containing all the field names) specially drawn for the work

Lufkin families in America : known vital records of male descendants

Genealogy of the Lawless family and connecting families

The journal of Langley Allgood Bailey

Burris ancestors - the ancestors of (1A) Barbara Jane Burris (Mrs. David Pearsall Platter), (1B) Virginia Ann Burris (Mrs. Charles Albert Roach), (1C) James Salter Burris II : as traced through their four grandparents, Florence Louise Bailey, Lewis Howell Merritt, Sara Edith Price, James Salter Burris, Jr., (and allied lines); v. 01

Review-atlas salutes [Vol. 17] : back in 1942 Ralph Eckley needed a job so he wrote a salute to towns of the area; much history is written in the articles; every effort has been made to copy the newspaper articles from the microfilm; some are more legible than others

The descendants of Robart Page of the king's house : the probable English origins, ancestors, and relatives of George Page of Brandford, Connecticut and Thomas Page of Saco in the province of Maine [First edition]

Past and present of Randolph County Indiana : with biographical sketches of representative citizens and genealogical records of many of the old families

Cassell's old and new Edinburgh : its history, its people, and its places, V. 2

The Fountain ... Welch, Welsh, Walsh : a surname newsletter - v. 15, no. 3 July 1998

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