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Tract series

A history of Southampton; partly from the MS. of Dr. Speed, in the Southampton Archives

The history and antiquities of the counties of Westmorland and Cumberland, Vol. 1

Yorkshire lay subsidy, 1297, 1301; Vol. 21

Inquisitions and assessments relating to feudal aids : with other analogous documents preserved in the Public Record Office, A. D. 1284-1431, Vol. 2

Extracts (with notes) from the Pipe Rolls for the counties of Nottingham and Derby : from the earliest period to the end of the reign of King Edward I

The Publications - Lincoln Record Society

The note-book of Tristram Risdon, 1608-1628

The register of the priory of St. Bees


Descendants of Stephen Flanders of Salisbury, Mass., 1646 : being a genealogy of the Flanders family

The ejected of 1662 in Cumberland and Westmorland, their predecessors and successors

The history of Scotland from the accession of Alexander III. to the union

The baronetage of England, or, The history of the English baronets, and such baronets of Scotland, as are of English families : with genealogical tables, and engravings of their armorial bearing …, Vol. 3

The register of Walter de Stapeldon, bishop of Exeter (A.D. 1307-1326)

The Herald and genealogist

The register of Walter de Stapeldon, bishop of Exeter, (A.D. 1307-1326)

Memorials of old Lincolnshire

Report from the Lord's committee touching the dignity of a peer of the realm, & c. & c. With appendices

Lives of the queens of Scotland and English princesses connected with the regal succession of Great Britain; v. 03

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