Christian Form in Genealogy Books

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Tree builders, v.21

The Methodist quarterly review

Notes and queries

The Indiana Presbyterian

Aus Aachens Vorzeit

A History of the Morris Family

A topographical history of Surrey

Methodism and Anglicanism in the light of Scripture and history [microform]

The history of the church known as the Unitas Fratrum : or the Unity of the Brethern, founded by the followers of John Hus, the Bohemian reformer and martyr

The history of freemasonry : its antiquities, symbols, constitutions, customs, etc., embracing an investigation of the records of the organisations of the fraternity in England, Scotland, Ireland, British colonies, France, Germany and the United States ; derived from official sources

A topographical history of Surrey; Vol. 04

Jahrbücher des Vereins von Alterthumsfreunden im Rheinlande

Proceedings of the conference of Friends of America, held in Indianapolis, Indiana, 1897

A summary of Mosheim's Ecclesiastical History, ancient and modern : from the birth of Christ to the middle of the eighteenth century : to which is added, a continuation of the particular history of the Church from the middle of the eighteenth century to the year MDCCCXIX : also, a concise account of the principal missionary and Bible societies, which are chiefly supported by members of the Church of England and by the dissenters from that Church

Elsie Thoresen collection : Hirtle family genealogy (book xxxvii): Sabadash, Ron - Shupe, Stillman

The Friend : a religious and literary journal

The Missionary herald - v. 70

Spalding memorial : a genealogical history of Edward Spalding of Massachusetts Bay and his descendants, Part 1

Report of proceedings of the second general council of the Presbyterian alliance : convened at Philadelphia, September, 1880

A Loving family history, Vol. 4.1

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