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The Publications of the Thoresby Society : miscellanea -; v. 31

"Postmasters and post offices of Texas, 1846-1930. V. 2"

Colonial and revolutionary families of Pennsylvania; genealogical and personal memoirs

Counties of Warren, Benton, Jasper, and Newton, Indiana : historical and biographical

The American monthly magazine

Genealogical and personal history of the upper Monongahela valley, West Virginia, under the editorial supervision of Bernard L. Butcher ... with an account of the resurces and industries of the upper Monongahela valley and the tributary region

The genealogy of the Lamborn family, with extracts from history, biographies, anecdotes, etc.

The William Fleming family (a genealogy) : with a brief account of some other Flemings of Delaware

The American monthly magazine

History and progress of the county of Marion, West Virginia, from its earliest settlement down to the present : together with biographical sketches of its most prominent citizens

Soldiers of the War of 1812 : a few earlier and a few later; mostly from Onondaga County

Collins historical sketches of Kentucky : history of Kentucky; v. 02

Research collection of Worth Stickley Ray and his wife, Marie Wroten on their ancestral lines, and other families of the Southern States, Vol. 76

King and Queen County, Virginia

The history of the Church of Great Britain, from the birth of Our Saviour, untill the year of Our Lord, 1667 : with an exact succession of the bishops and the memorable acts of many of them : together with an addition of all the English cardinals and the several orders of English monks, friars, and nuns in former ages

Historical celebration of the town of Brimfield, Hampden County, Mass., Wednesday, October 11, 1876 : with the historical address of Rev. Charles M. Hyde, and other addresses , letters, documents, etc., relating to the early history of the town

A twentieth century history of Delaware County, Indiana

Caldwell Parish gardens of memories : 1817-1970, the easiest way to trace your ancestors

Counties of LaGrange and Noble, Indiana : historical and biographical

The Southerner - v. 1, no. 4 Nov 1975

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