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The Wilderness Trail : or, The ventures and adventures of the Pennsylvania traders on the Allegheny Path: with some new annals of the Old West, and the records of some strong men and some bad ones. V. 1

Documents relative to the colonial history of the state of New York

Onondaga, or, Reminiscences of earlier and later times : being a series of historical sketches relative to Onondaga, with notes on several towns in the county, and Oswego V1

The Documentary history of the state of New York, Vol. 1

Albany chronicles : a history of the city arranged chronologically from the earliest settlement to the present time, illustrated with many historical pictures of rarity and reproductions of the Robert C. Pruyn collection of the mayors of Albany

An authentic and comprehensive history of Buffalo : with some account of its early inhabitants, both savage and civilized, comprising historic notices of the six nations, or Iroquois Indians, including a sketch of the life of Sir William Johnson, and of other prominent white men, long resident among the Senecas, Vol. 1

General index to the colonial records in 16 volumes

A Legacy of Honor Volume 2

The Mississippi Valley historical review

Bi-centennial history of Albany : history of the county of Albany, N.Y., from 1609 to 1886 ; with portraits, biographies and illustrations

Pennsylvania colonial records. V. 3

Documents relative to the colonial history of the state of New York

A history of Deerfield, Massachusetts : the times when and the people by whom it was settled, unsettled, and resettled, with a special study of the Indian wars in the Connecticut Valley; with genealogies, Vol. 1

The Empire State : a compendious history of the Commonwealth of New York

Viele, 1659-1909 : two hundred and fifty years with a Dutch family of New York

Ecclesiastical records, state of New York, Vol. 2

Calendar of council minutes, 1668 - 1783

Pennsylvania archives. Fourth series. V. 01

The Virginia magazine of history and biography

Journals of the House of Burgesses of Virginia (1619-1776). V. 5

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