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McElroy's Philadelphia directory for ...

"Calendar of the close rolls preserved in the Public Record Office--Edward I, Vol. 3. 1288-1296"

The history of Great Britain : from the first invasion by the Romans under Julius Caesar. Written on a new plan; v. 02

McElroy's Philadelphia city directory for 1837-1867

Suburban directory : Old York Road district

York deeds; Vol.12 Part 2

English dioceses: a history of their limits from the earliest times to the present day

Edward Plantagenet (Edward I.) the English Justinian : or, The making of the common law

Collections of the New York Historical Society for the year ..

Idaho state gazetteer and business directory - v. 8 (1916)

Ben-Oliel and Seeley

McElroy's Philadelphia directory for ...

York 1: Introduction The Records - Records of Early English Drama

The American genealogist : a monthly magazine of genealogy and local history - v. 1, no. 1 (March 1899)

Stout and allied families; v. 01

Notes and queries

Calendar of the patent rolls preserved in the Public Record Office--Edward II, Vol. 3

York deeds; Vol. 17

Surname index (Soundex) files; Hoa-Jur

York deeds

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