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"Annual report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records, Vol. 38"

Genealogy of some of the descendants of Obadiah Wheeler of Concord, and Thomas Thaxter of Hingham

Lancashire and Cheshire wills and inventories at Chester : with an appendix of abstracts of wills now lost or destroyed

Town of Milton ... annual report

The visitation of the county of Gloucester, taken in the year 1623

Williams' Fort Wayne Directory, city guide and business mirror, for 1864-1865

The condition of Catholics under James I : Father Gerard's narrative of the Gunpowder Plot

Utah GH mag, V. 10; Utah genealogical and historical magazine

Annual report of the town officers of the town of Rockland Massachusetts for the year ending..

The comprehensive history of England : civil and military, religious, intellectual, and social, from the earliest period to the suppression of the Sepoy revolt


Hume and Smollett's celebrated history of England, from its first settlement to the year 1760

Evidences of the Winthrops of Groton, co. Suffolk, England, and of families in and near that county, with whom they intermarried

The Ven. Philip Howard, Earl of Arundel, 1557-1595 : English martyrs, vol. II

The English Catholic nonjurors of 1715 : being a summary of the register of their estates, with genealogical and other notes, and an appendix of unpublished documents in the Public record office

Annual report of the town officers, town of Pembroke, year ending December 31, 1936

Town of Milton ... annual report

The Massachusetts register

A literary and biographical history, or biographical dictionary, of the English Catholics, from the breach with Rome, in 1534 to the present time, Vol. 2

Index to American genealogies : and to genealogical material contained in all works, such as town histories, county histories, local histories, historical society publications, biographies, historical periodicals and kindred works

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