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The Emison families : origin and history of the American Emisons, with partial genealogies and notes on the following collateral families: Baird, Clarke, Holmes, Posey, Allen, Dunning, Rabb, Sinclair, Scott, Campbell--McClellan-- Patterson--Cul

Old rights, proprietary rights, Virginia entries and soldiers entitled to Donation Lands with an explanation of Reed's map of Philadelphia

Register of Kentucky State Historical Society

Prince George County, volume 1, land patents 1666-1719; Series 02, Vol. 06

The county families of the United Kingdom; or, Royal manual of the titled and untitled aristocracy of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland ..

The Proprietors' records of the town of Mendon, Massachusetts : incorporated May 15, 1667

Wills of Washington County, Kentucky : 1792-1858

Wheeler writings - v.4, no.4 February 1998

The Cloud family journal, Vol. 20

Pennsylvania archives. Third series. V. 03

Index of wills proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury : and now preserved in the principal Probate registry, Somerset House, London; V. 10

Suffolk deeds; Vol. 01

Pennsylvania archives: third series;

Descriptive catalogue of the original charters, royal grants, and donations, many with the seals, in fine preservation, monastic chartulary, official, manorial, court baron, court leet, and rent rolls, registers, and other documents, constituting the muniments of Battle Abbey, founded by King William the Conqueror, to perpetuate the memorable battle of Hastings and the conquest of England : comprising, also, a great mass of papers relating to the family of Browne, ennobled as the lords viscount Montague ... ; with various others relating to the Sidneys, earls of Leicester, and the whole of the Webster family evidences ...

The registers of Hampsthwaite, Co. York, marriages, 1603-1807, baptisms, 1603-1794, burials, 1603-1794

Pennsylvania archives: third series;

York deeds; Vol. 14

Records of colonial Gloucester County, Virginia : a collection of abstracts from original documents concerning the lands and people of colonial Gloucester County

The original lists of persons of quality : emigrants; religious exiles; political rebels; serving men sold for a term of years; apprentices; children stolen; maidens pressed; and others who went from Great Britain to the American plantations, 1

Minutes of the Board of Property and other references to lands in Pennsylvania; ser.03, v. 01

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