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Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790 : North Carolina

The Cherokee land lottery, containing a numerical list of the names of the fortunate drawers in said lottery, with an engraved map of each district. By James F. Smith

Pennsylvania archives. Third series V.30

The compendium of American genealogy : the standard genealogical encyclopedia of the first families of America.; Vol. 5

Pennsylvania archives. Sixth series. V. 15 pt. 1

Trow's general directory of the boroughs of Manhattan and Bronx, city of New York

Census returns of Lewis County, (West) Virginia for 1850 : copied from the original federal census records in the Census Bureau, Washington, D.C.

Historical gazetteer of Steuben County, New York : with memoirs and illustrations

Sullivan County, Indiana index of names of persons and of firms

[New York tombstone inscriptions] : counties of Montgomery, Tompkins, and Saratoga.

History of Franklin and Pickaway Counties, Ohio : with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of the prominent men and pioneers

Alabama source book

The American descendants of Chretien DuBois of Wicres, France : Part Nineteen; pt. 09

Revised register of the soldiers and sailors of New Hampshire in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1866

Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790, Maryland

Macon, Georgia newspaper clippings : Weekly telegraph, Vol. 8

History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on intermarried and collateral families, and abstracts of early land grants, wills, and other documents ..

Pennsylvania archives: third series;

The New York genealogical and biographical record

Pennsylvania archives: third series;

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