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Calendar of the justiciary rolls, or, Proceedings in the Court of the justiciar of Ireland preserved in the Public record office of Ireland ..

Yorkshire inquisitions of the reigns of Henry III and Edward I, Vol. 3

Cartularium Prioratus de Gyseburne

Cartularium prioratus de Gyseburne, Ebor. dioeceseos, Ordinis s. Augustini, fundati A. D. MCXIX ..


Honors and knights' fees : an attempt to identify the component parts of certain honors and to trace the descent of the tenants of the same who held by knight's service or serjeanty from the eleventh to the fourteenth century

The register of Walter de Stapeldon, bishop of Exeter, (A.D. 1307-1326)

Calendar of charters and documents relating to Selborne and its priory, preserved in the muniment room of Magdalen College, Oxford

Miscellanea Volume 2

Index of wills, office of Secretary of State, state of New Jersey

Collections for a history of Staffordshire


Collections for a history of Staffordshire

The ledger-book of Vale Royal Abbey; Vol. 68


Calendar of the Greenwell deeds in the public reference library

Yorkshire lay subsidy, 1297, 1301; Vol. 21

Suffolk in 1327 : being a subsidy return; No. 09

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