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A genealogical register of the descendants of George Abbot of Andover, George Abbot of Rowley, Thomas Abbot of Andover, Arthur Abbot of : Ipswich, Robert Abbot of Branford, Ct. and George Abbot of Norwalk, Ct

History of Rumford, Oxford County, Maine, from its first settlement in 1779, to the present time

A genealogical register of the descendants of George Abbot, of Andover : George Abbot, of Rowley, Thomas Abbot, of Andover, Arthur Abbot, of Ipswich, Robert Abbot, of Branford, Ct. and George Abbot, of Norwalk, Ct.

Vital records of Hardwick, Massachusetts, to the year 1850

Mooar (Moors) genealogy : Abraham Mooar of Andover and his descendants

Foster genealogy;

Foster genealogy : being a record of the posterity of Reginald Foster, an early inhabitant of Ipswich in New England, whose genealogy is traced back to Anacher, great forrester [sic] of Flanders, who died in 837 A.D., with wills, inventories, b

History of the town of Westford in the county of Middlesex, Massachusetts, 1659-1883

The first three generations of Holts in America

History of the town of Westford in the county of Middlesex, Massachusetts, 1659-1883

Abrose Kasson, his ancestors and descendants

The New Hampshire register and United States calendar

A genealogical history of the Holt family in the United States : more particularly, the descendants of Nicholas Holt of Newbury and Andover, Mass., 1634-1644, and of William Holt of New Haven, Conn.

Soldiers in King Philip's war; being a critical account of that war, with a concise history of the Indian wars of New England from 1620-1677, official lists of the soldiers of Massachusetts colony serving in Philip's war, and sketches of the principal officers, copies of ancient documents and records relating to the war, also lists of the Narraganset grantees of the united colonies, Massachusetts, Plymouth, and Conneticut; with an appendix, 3d ed., with additional appendix containing corrections and new material

The Lovejoy genealogy, with biographies and history, 1460-1930 : especially recording the American descendants and the English ancestry of John Lovejoy (1622-1690) of Andover, Mass., and Joseph Lovejoy (1684-1748) of Prince George County, Md., but also embracing all known data on other persons bearing the Lovejoy name, whether or not identified with the emigrant ancestors

Essex antiquarian, v. 7-8

History of the Carnegies, Earls of Southesk, and of their kindred

Muster rolls of New York provincial troops, 1755-1764

A gazetteer of the state of Massachusetts;

State papers of Vermont; Vol. 05

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