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The legal encyclopedia for home and business

The history, civil, political & military, of the Southern Rebellion : from its incipient stages to its close ... Vol. 1

Notes and queries

Naval documents of the American Revolution; v. 03

Records of Chippenham relating to the borough, from its incorporation by Queen Mary, 1554, to its reconstruction by act of Parliament, 1889 : comprising extracts from the minute books and registers of accounts of the corporation, together with copies and references from the charter, deeds, and documents in the borough chest

Notes and queries

The Kansas City review - V. 9 no. 2 Sep 1885

The Dictionary of national biography : founded in 1882 by George Smith

The Dictionary of national biography; Vol. 05

Public papers of the Presidents of the United States--Harry S. Truman : containing the public messages, speeches, and statements of the President; 1947

Who's who in America - 40th ed v. 1 (1978-1979)

Forging his chains; the autobiography of George Bidwell, an authentic history of his unexampled career in America and Europe, with the story of his connection with the so-called 1,000,000 [pounds] forgery on the Bank of England, and a complete account of his arrest, trial, conviction, and confinement for fourteen years in English prisons

History of England and the British Empire : a record of constitutional, naval, military, political and literary events from B.C. 55 to A.D. 1890

Military obligation: the American tradition : a compilation of the enactments of compulsion from the earliest settlements of the original thirteen colonies in 1607 through the Articles of Confederation 1789

Pennsylvania archives. First series. V. 05

Pennsylvania colonial records. V. 6

Archives of Maryland

Lineal ancestors of Captain James Cory and of his descendants : genealogical, historial and biographical; Vol. 3, Part 1

A history of England from the landing of Julius Caesar to the present day

New York in the war of the rebellion, 1861 to 1865, vol. 1

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