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Historical and genealogical researches, and recorder of passing events of Merrimack Valley : being a repository of antiquities relating to the history, biography, genealogy, heraldry, archaeology, chronology, chorography, topography, and natural history; together with the statistics of the Merrimack Valley in New England

Civil and military list of Rhode Island; vol. 1

The history of the parish church of All Saints', Maidstone

The descendants of Nicholas Doe

Vital records of the town of Dorchester from 1826 to 1849

Vital record of Rhode Island, 1636-1850 : a family register for the people, Vol. 1

Genealogical and memorial history of the state of New Jersey : a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and the founding of a nation. V. 4

Boston marriages from 1700 to 1751

Representative men and old families of Rhode Island : genealogical records and historical sketches of prominent and representative citizens and of many of the old families, Vol. 2

Records of the Massachusetts volunteer militia : called out by the governor of Massachusetts to suppress a threatened invasion during the War of 1812-14

History of Bethel, formerly Sudbury, Canada, Oxford County, Maine, 1768-1890 : with a brief sketch of Hanover, and family statistics

Historical register and dictionary of the United States Army : from its organization, September 29, 1789, to March 2, 1903, Vol. 2

Documents relating to the colonial history of the state of New Jersey, Vol. 42

Willard genealogy : sequel to Willard memoir

The history of Peru, in the county of Oxford and state of Maine, from 1789 to 1911. Residents and genealogies of their families, also a part of Franklin plan

Genealogy digest - v. 19, no. 3 1988

Memorial of the Whittlesey family in the United States

Massachusetts in the army and navy during the war of 1861-65, Vol. 2

The Morris family of Philadelphia : descendants of Anthony Morris, born 1654-1712 died, v. 3

The National dean's list - 9th ed., v. 2 (1985/86)

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