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Deutschlands Geschichtsquellen im Mittelalter bis zur Mitte des Dreizehnten Jahrhunderts

Broad Bay descendants' correspondence : letters, research, documents -1990-2000 : relating to the history of Broad Bay (Waldoboro), Maine : the German colony of Broad Bay settled by Samuel Waldo, gent. 1742-1753; v. 06

Jefferies Research Report 17 December 2001

[Jefferies research reports], 20 June 2003

Guides to German records microfilmed at Alexandria, Va; Vol. 79

[Jefferies research reports], 11 September 2002

Bischofsgut und mensa episcopalis : ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des kirchlichen Vermögensrechtes

History of the Waesche family : with a compilation of facts of the Belt, Waters and Cassell families

[Jefferies research reports], 15 December 2003

[Jefferies research reports], 24 March 2004

Neues Archiv

[Jefferies research reports], 12 June 2002

[Jefferies research reports], 16 December 2002

[Jefferies research reports], 28 February 1998

[Jefferies research reports], 22 March 2002

[Jefferies research reports], 25 September 2001

Regesten der Bischöfe von Strassburg

Sanders to Caesar

Deutschlands Geschichtsquellen im Mittelalter bis zur Mitte des dreizehnten Jahrhunderts

[Jefferies research reports], 26 June 2001

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