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Council proceedings

Andrew Jackson and early Tennessee history

The ancestors and descendants of Zephaniah and Silence Alden Hathaway : with notes on allied families

The Bordner and Burtner families : and their Bortner ancestors in America

Kettenring family

Annals of the (Frizzell) Frazier family

Publications of the Scottish History Society

Publications of the Scottish History Society

"History of Hertfordshire, containing an account of the descents of the various manor, pedigrees of families connected with the county, antiquities, local customs, &c., &c : Museum, parochial registers, local archives and collections in the possession of private families, Vol. 2. History of the hundreds of Hitchin, Hertford, and Broadwater"

Descendants of John Sires, the Elder of Virginia, Vol. 1

Colonel Joshua Fry of Virginia and some of his descendants and allied families

Freeborn tracer, 2001 ; Freeborn County tracer

Miscellanies literary and religious

The Melvilles, earls of Melville, and the Leslies, earls of Leven

Weber - Weaver history : descendants of Henry Weber, 1690-1745, Swiss emigrant who settled in Weaverland in 1732

National year book (Sons of the American Revolution) - 1915

History and genealogy of Peter Montague, of Nasemond and Lancaster counties, Virginia, and his descendants, 1621-1894

Latham genealogical report, no 167

William Cloud; Pennsylvania proprietor, 1682

Genealogy of the decendants [sic] of William and Nancy Woodward

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