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A national register of the Society Sons of the American Revolution

The register booke of christninges, marriages and burialls within the precinct of the cathedrall and metropoliticall Church of Christe of Canterburie, vol. 2


A report of the record commissioners of the City of Boston containing Boston births from A.D. 1700 to A.D. 1800; v. 26

Records relating to the early history of Boston...1876-1909, Vol. 24

The parish register of Bolton-by-Bolland : in the county of York ...

The Birth, marriage, and death register, church records and epitaphs of Lancaster, Massachusetts, 1643-1850

Essex antiquarian, v. 1-2

Connecticut vital records of Woodstock

The history of the Indian wars in New England : from the first settlement to the termination of the war with King Philip in 1677

Essex Institute historical collections

Lancashire registers IV

Annual reports of the town officers of Peterborough, N.H - 1891-1897

The register of the parish of Hemsworth, Co. York, 1654-1812

Town of Weston : births, deaths and marriages, 1707-1850, 1703-gravestones-1900, church records, 1709-1825; appendix and addenda, Cent Society, gleanings from the town files, bits of genealogy, errors, indexes &c.

The New Hampshire genealogical record : an illustrated quarterly magazine devoted to genealogy, history, and biography : official organ of the New Hampshire Genealogical Society

Essex Institute historical collections - v. 40, no. 3 Jul 1904

Directory of the counties of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk : with colored maps

The literature of the Highlanders : a history of Gaelic literature from the earliest times to the present day

The parish register of Emley in the county of York, 1600-1836

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