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The Felt genealogy : a record of the descendants of George Felt of Casco Bay

History and genealogical register of the town of Langdon, Sullivan County, New Hampshire from the date of its severance from Walpole and Charlestown, from 1787 to 1930, with a map of the town

The revolutionary records of the state of Georgia; v. 3

The Writings of George Washington : from the original manuscript sources 1745-1799; Vol. 33

Archives of Maryland

The Colonial records of North Carolina : published under the supervision of the trustees of the public libraries, by order of the General Assembly. V. 17

[New Hampshire provincial and state papers]

York deeds

York deeds; Vol. 10

Probate records of the Province of New Hampshire, Vol. 3, 1741-1749.

Essex Institute historical collections

The early records of the town of Providence, Vol. 20

Suffolk deeds; Vol. 13

Minutes of the Common Council of the City of New York, 1675-1776

The records of the Salem commoners, 1713-1739

Various ancestral lines of James Goodwin and Lucy (Morgan) Goodwin of Hartford, Connecticut, Vol 2

Minutes of the Board of Property and other references to lands in Pennsylvania; ser.03, v. 01

State of New Hampshire, documents relating to the Masonian patent 1630-1846 : including the charter of the Council of Plymouth of date Nov. 3, 1620, the various grants and patents to John Mason, the records and miscellaneous papers of the Masoni

Probate Records of the Province of New Hampshire, Vol. 1 1635-1717 State Papers Ser. V. 31

York deeds; Vol. 14

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