Shelby Adair in Genealogy Books

Shelby Adair appears in at least 28 genealogy books

Here are the top genealogy books for Shelby Adair

History of Iowa from the earliest times to the beginning of the twentieth century, vol. 3

Andrew Jackson and early Tennessee history

Index to Tennessee Confederate pension applications

"History of Kentucky, vol. 1"

Genealogy of the descendants of Roger Foster of Edreston, Northumberland

Historic families of Kentucky : The McDowells

Register of the General Society of the War of 1812

Dux : yearbook for the students of the Chillicothe Business College, Chillicothe, Missouri - 1945

A history of the Henry family, from its beginnings in this country to the present time

Indianapolis, Indiana city directory

Lineage book of the charter members of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Vol. 111

Williams' Fort Wayne Directory, city guide and business mirror, for 1864-1865

Genealogy and history : the only national query medium - 1954-1956 Bound Volume

Lineage book V. 111

Collins historical sketches of Kentucky : history of Kentucky; v. 01

The genealogy of Louis Anderson "Daddy" Latch : always a rebel : including his life story

A history of the Henry family : from its beginnings in this country to the present time

A history of the First Presbyterian Church, Frankfort, Kentucky : together with the churches in Franklin County in connection with the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America

History of Alabama and dictionary of Alabama biography, Vol. 3

The Colonial records of North Carolina : published under the supervision of the trustees of the public libraries, by order of the General Assembly. V. 27

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