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Our Perry family in Maine; its ancestors and descendants

York deeds

A report of the Record Commissioners of the city of Boston containing the Selectmen's minutes, Vol. 3

Third report of the record commissioners of the City of Boston, 1878

York deeds; Vol. 17

Abstracts of Georgia colonial conveyance book, C-1, 1750-1761

History and genealogical register of the town of Langdon, Sullivan County, New Hampshire from the date of its severance from Walpole and Charlestown, from 1787 to 1930, with a map of the town

The Baxter manuscripts

Essex Institute historical collections

The records of the Salem commoners, 1713-1739

New-England historical and genealogical register : Index of subjects, vol. 1-50

The Woodmans of Buxton, Maine : a list of the children, and of the grandchildren bearing the Woodman name; of Joseph, Joshua and Nathan Woodman, who settled in Narraganset no. 1, now Buxton, Maine; preceded by a list and some account of the fam

York deeds; Vol. 14

[Provincial and state papers]

A student's history of England : from the earliest times to the death of Queen Victoria

Essex Institute historical collections - v. 39, no. 2 Apr 1903

A student's history of England, from the earliest times to the death of King Edward VII

Probate records of the province of New Hampshire, Vol. 9, 1767-1771., Vol. 39

A students̓ history of England, from the earliest times to 1885

Shreveport city directory. 1924

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