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General alumni catalogue of George Washington University, chartered by Congress; the Columbian College, act of Congress, approved Feb. 9, 182l; the Columbian University, act of Congress, approved March 3, 1873; the George Washington University, act of Congress, approved Jan. 23, 1904

Shreveport city directory. 1923

Indianapolis, Indiana city directory

Indianapolis, Indiana city directory

Walton's Vermont register and business directory - 1895

The abridged compendium of American genealogy : first families of America : a genealogical encyclopedia of the United States; v. 03

Lineage book of the charter members of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Vol. 143

Revised register of the soldiers and sailors of New Hampshire in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1866

Abstract of title : [Lake County, Indiana], vol. 161

Revised roster of Vermont volunteers : and lists of Vermonters who served in the army and navy of the United States during the War of the Rebellion, 1861-66

R.L. Polk & Co.'s Oklahoma state gazetteer and business directory

Polk's Indianapolis (Marion County, Ind.) city directory

The Bowies and their kindred. A genealogical and biographical history

A biographical history of England, from Egbert the Great to the Revolution : consisting of characters disposed in different classes, and adapted to a methodical catalogue of engraved British heads: intended as an essay towards reducing our biography to system, and a help to the knowledge of portraits: interspersed with a variety of anecdotes, and memoirs of a great number of persons, not to be found in any other bio-graphical work

Soldiers of the War of 1812 : a few earlier and a few later; mostly from Onondaga County

The Gove book : history and genealogy of the American family of Gove and notes of European Goves

Alumni directory - 1994

Miami County, Indiana index of names of persons and of firms

Maine cemetery inscriptions, Kennebec County; v. 01

History and genealogies of the families of Miller, Woods, Harris, Wallace, Maupin, Oldham, Kavanaugh, and Brown (illustrated) with interspersions of notes of the families of Dabney, Reid, Martin, Broaddus, Gentry, Jarman, Jameson, Ballard, Mullins, Michie, Moberley, Covington, Browning, Duncan Yancey and others

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