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Annual report of the town officers ...

The Missionary herald - v. 68

Historical encyclopedia of Illinois

Historical encyclopedia of Illinois : history of Fulton County; v. 02

The Scott genealogy

Indianapolis, Indiana city directory

Historical encyclopedia of Illinois

J. West Goodwin's Pacific Railway business guide & gazetteer of Missouri and Kansas - 1867-1868

Waltons' Vermont register and farmer's almanac - 1878

Post Office Dundee Directory

R.L. Polk & Co.'s Oklahoma state gazetteer and business directory

Reports of cases argued + determined in the Court of the Vice Chancellor of England during the time of the Rt. Honble. Sir John Leach, Knt., vol. 3

Historical encyclopedia of Illinois

Polk's Indiana State gazetteer and business directory

The jurisprudence of the Privy Council, containing a digest of all the decisions of the Privy Council; a sketch of its history; notes on the constitution of the judicial committee; a summary of its procedure and also three appendices

History of Wayne County, Ohio : from the days of the pioneers and first settlers to the present time

Annual reports of the officers and committees of the town of Townsend

Historical encyclopedia of Illinois

The Royal kalendar: and court and city register, for England, Scotland, Ireland, and the colonies ..

Historical encyclopedia of Illinois

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