Scott Adopted in Genealogy Books

Scott Adopted appears in at least 11 genealogy books

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Kettenring family

The Tupper family in the United States and Canada 1631-1995 : one of ten founding families of Sandwich, Massachusetts, Vol. 2

The ancestors of Bennie J. Siemens, vol. 7

The Martin H. Bauman family history

Dietz family history

Kentucky. A history of the state, embracing a concise account of the origin and development of the Virginia colony; its expansion westward, and the settlement of the frontier beyond the Alleghanies; the erection of Kentucky as an independent state, and its subsequent development

Council proceedings

Surgical memoirs of the campaigns of Russia, Germany, and France

The state of Texas against Judge John G. Scott, of the Tenth Judicial District, impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors in office.

Corbridge and Black families

The Goodner family, a genealogical history : with a brief history of the family of Jacob Daniel Scherrer and notes on other allied families

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