Richard Adopted in Genealogy Books

Richard Adopted appears in at least 12 genealogy books

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The Maurer family, Pennsylvania pioneers : a brief history of the family, with records of all known descendants of Jacob Maurer 1791-1863 and his wife, Maria Polly Hilbisch 1793-1861, of Snyder County, Pennsylvania

The lineage of John Calvin Truxal and Edith Kathryn Smith

Blaisdell papers, Vol. 6

Miscellanea genealogica et heraldica - New Series v. 3 (1880)

Living descendants of blood royal; v. 1

[Cundiff family genealogy] : Descendants of William Henry Jackson Cundiff (1865-1923) and Arquilla May Rowe (1884-1967)

Rising genealogy, Vol. 3

Miscellanea genealogica et heraldica, New Series, Vol. 3 (1800)

Tay - Toy - Toye genealogy : cavalier - yeoman - pioneers - nation builders, Vol. 2

Documents relating to the colonial history of the state of New Jersey, Vol. 40

An historical and genealogical record of Isaac Brockbank, Sr., Vol. 2

A genealogical record of the descendants of Nicholas Hess, pioneer immigrant : historical and biographical sketches, 1962

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