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A list of the freeholders in Cheshire, in the year 1578

The Sacketts of America : their ancestors and descendants, 1630-1907

Kansas business directory - 2007

Polk cross-reference directory for Johnson County, Kansas - 2000

Kansas business directory - 2008

Honor roll : military and naval service, World War II, Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania, 1941-1945

The records of the borough of Northampton. Preface by the Lord Bishop of London, introductory chapter on the history of the town by W. Ryland D. Adkins. The first volume ed. by Christopher A. Markham. The second volume ed. by the Rev. J. Charles Cox. Pub. by order of the Corporation of the county borough of Northampton

Berkebile families in America, Vol. 3

Polk's El Dorado (Butler County, Kans.) city directory - 1986

Jefferson City (Missouri) city directories - 1977

First surveyor's book, Warren County, Kentucky, 1796-1815

North Country Wills

The Publications of the Pipe Roll Society

Alumni directory - 1994

Cemetery records of Macon County, Missouri; Vol. 08

The Communicator

Minutes of the Board of Property of the province of Pennsylvania; ser. 02, v. 19

Visitation of England and Wales, notes, Vol. 11

An account of the sirname Edgar and particularly of the family of Wedderline in Berwickshire

The genealogist

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