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Richard Abt appears in at least 71 genealogy books

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[Jefferies research reports], 5 April 2000, The genealogy of Murray Jefferies (1881-1965)

Guy Meek of Anne Arundel County, Maryland : descendants, intermarriages and neighbors, 1660-2004, Vol. 5

Our Grantham heritage

Ancestors and descendants of Katie Hale Barnes : paternal line -- Hale, Bourne, Burwell, Johnstone, Jones; maternal line - Fuston Jones, VanMetre, Bayless and other allied families

The Powell and Mingus (Mangus and Mengus) genealogy; vol. 28

Moss-Puckett intermarriages, vol. 6

Brist, Thayer, Pinson, Smith, Vol. 1

Forever families : the family history of Parrish/Davis, Vol. 1

The Powell and Mingus (Mangus and Mengus) genealogy; vol. 45

Family R, Robert McCord : teacher & journeyman cabinetmaker

Elden L. Moenning genealogy collection; v. 26

William families, descendants, and neighbors., 1125-2001

Deutschlands Geschichtsquellen im Mittelalter bis zur Mitte des Dreizehnten Jahrhunderts

Record series

[Jefferies research reports], 28 February 1998

Notes & excerpts on Rice brothers & descendants : a work in progress

Treasures forever : heritage of William "Joe" Peel, Vol. 3

The ties that bind us together, vol. 5

Family history record, James Henson Walker of Pleasant Grove, Utah : born October 12, 1878, died September 30, 1937, Vol. 4

The Powell and Mingus (Mangus and Mengus) genealogy; vol. 50

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