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The history of the reformation of the Church of England : with the collection of records, and a copious index

The history of the Reformation of the Church of England; with the collection of records, and a copious index;

Councils and ecclesiastical documents relating to Great Britain and Ireland


McElroy's Philadelphia directory for ...

Neues Archiv

The church of our fathers as seen in St. Osmund's rite for the cathedral of Salisbury : with dissertations on the belief and ritual in England before and after the coming of the Normans

McElroy's Philadelphia directory for ...

Archivium hibernicum; or, Irish historical records

Patent rolls of the reign of Henry III preserved in the Public Record Office, Vol. 1. 1216-1225

Calendarium rotulorum patentium in Turri Londinensi, 1201-1483

King Alfred's Orosius

The early history of Oxford, 727-1100

A compleat history of the life and raigne of King Charles, : from his cradle to his grave.

Historia insignium illustrium sev Operis heraldici pars specialis : continens delineationem insignium plerorumque regum, ducum principum, comitum & baronum in cultiori Europa, cum explicatione singularum tesserarum, & multis ad familiarum decora titulos atque jura spectantibus, nec non tabulis aeneis scuta galeasq : in opere explicata obtutui exponentibus & indicibus necessariis

A scholastical history of the canon of the Holy Scripture, or the certains and in dubitate books thereof as they are received in the Church of England

The memoirs of James, marquis of Montrose, 1639-1650

The history of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, from its foundation ... : beautified with sundry prospects of the old fabrick, which was destroyed by the fire of that city, 1666 : as also with the figures of the tombs and monuments therein, which were all defaced in the late rebellion : whereunto is added, a continuation thereof, setting forth what was done in the structure of the new church, to the year 1685 : likewise, an historical account of the northern cathedrals, and chief collegiate churches in the province of York

Historical genealogy of the family of Bayne of Nidderdale ; showing also how Bayeux became Baynes

Miscellanea Biographica

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