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Guide to Federal archives relating to the Civil War

Black studies : a select catalog of National Archives microfilm publications

Guide to genealogical research in the National Archives

Guide to genealogical records in the National Archives

Appendix D of the report of the Adjutant General of the state of Maine, for the years 1864 and 1865 : being that portion of the report which comprises a return of the several regiments and corps which have entered the United States' service fro; Vol. 02 Part 01

Preliminary inventory of the War Department collection of Revolutionary War records : record group 93, no. 144

Spirit of patriotism as evidenced by the revolutionary and ancestral records of the Society, Sons of the Revolution, in the state of California

War Department collection of Revolutionar war records, record group 93

The American Legion in South Dakota : first quarter century

National year book (Sons of the American Revolution) - 1913

Preliminary inventory of the records of the Office of the Pardon Attorney : (Record group 204)

Sons of the Revolution in the state of West Virginia: West Virginia society organized at Wheeling, April 19, 1894

Black studies : select catalog of National Archives and Records Service microfilm publications

Lancaster Platt Lupton:the legacy of a fur trader, Vol. 1

The descendants of James Cole of Plymouth, 1633 : also a record of the famiies of Lieutenant Thomas Burnham of Ipswich, 1635; Lieutenant Edward Winship of Cambridge, 1635; and Simon Huntington of Norwich, England, 1635 : with a complete record

Genealogical and biographical research : a select catalog of National Archives microfilm publications

Guide to the Seattle Archives Branch

Annual report

Proceedings of the United States Naval Institute

Proceedings of regular triennial meeting

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