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A collection of state tracts, publish'd on occasion of the late revolution in 1688, and during the reign of King William III. : To which is prefix'd, The history of the Dutch war in 1672. Translated from the French copy printed at Paris in 1682. which was supprest at the instance of the English embassador, because of the discoveries it made of the league betwixt the kings of France and England for enslaving Europe, and introducing the popish religion into these kingdoms, and the United Provinces ..

Arcana gallica: or, The secret history of France, for the last century. Shewing, by what steps the French ministers destroy'd the liberties of that nation in general, and the Protestant religion in particular. With a view of the distraction and civil wars during the two minorities in that period. Collected from the most authentick authorities, never before printed in France or England

The history of the rebellion and civil wars in England, begun in the year 1641 : with the precedent passages, and actions, that contributed thereunto, and the happy end, and conclusion thereof by the King's blessed restoration, and return, upon the 29th of May, in the year 1660

Germany, 1815-1890

The history of England : written in French

History of the world war, Vol. 1

Memoirs of the house of Brunswick from the most early accounts of that illustrious family to the end of the reign of King George the First ..

Squadron A in the great war, 1917-1918, including a narrative of the 105th M. G. battalion

Whitaker's peerage, baronetage, knightage, and companionage

The naval and military heroes of Great Britain; or, Calendar of victory, being a record of British valour and conquest by sea and land on every day in the year; with chronological and alphabetical indexes

The founding of the German empire by William I

Official diplomatic documents relating to the outbreak of the European war, with photographic reproductions of official editions of the documents (Blue, White, Yellow, etc., books)


The Oliphants of Gask : records of a Jacobite family

A compleat history of the life and raigne of King Charles, : from his cradle to his grave.

The Jacobite lairds of Gask

Memoirs of the house of Brunswick from the most early accounts of that illustrious family to the end of the reign King George the First

Robert Middleton, ca. 1651 - ca. 1707, of Charles and Prince Georges Counties, Maryland, and numerous descendants of his

Dictionary of national biography second supplement; Vol. 01

The founding of the German Empire by William I; based chiefly upon Prussian state documents;

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