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Extracts from the Book of the Wilders, by which the lineage of the Rhode Island Wilders is traced to Nicholas Wilder of England, 1485. Also a : sketch of the Wilkinson family

Pennsylvania archives. Third series. V. 29

Genealogical history of Samuell Hartt from London, England, to Lynn, Mass., 1640, and descendants, to 1903 : Nicholas Hart from London to Taunton, Mass., 1642, at Boston, Mass., 1643, and Warwick, R.I., 1648, and descendants; Isaac Hart from Sc

New York in the revolution as colony and state, v. II : a compilation of documents and records from the office of the state comptroller

The past and present of La Salle County, Illinois : containing a history of the county; its cities towns, &c., a biographical directory of its citizens, war record of its volunteers in the late rebellion, portraits ... history of Illinois ...

Pennsylvania archives: third series;

Genealogical and family history of the state of New Hampshire : a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and the founding of a nation; v. 04

Pinnock's improved edition of Dr. Goldsmith's History of England : from the invasion of Julius Cæsar to the death of George II, with a continuation to the year 1845

Hasted's history of Kent : corrected, enlarged and continued to the present time, from the manuscript collections of the late Rev. Thomas Streatfield and the late Rev. Lambert Blackwell Larking, the public records, and other sources

Whitaker's peerage, baronetage, knightage, and companionage

Vital records of Newburyport, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849 v. 1

Surname index (Soundex) files; Rai-Sto

A history of Crawford County, Indiana

Pinnock's improved edition of Dr. Goldsmith's History of England, from the invasion of Julius Cæsar to the death of George II, with a continuation the the year 1858

Some of the first settlers of "The Forks of the Delaware" and their descendants : being a translation from the German of the record books of the First Reformed Church of Easton, Pennsylvania, from 1760 to 1852


History of a Jarboe family, update

The early Germans of New Jersey : their history, churches and genealogies

Genealogical and personal history of the Allegheny Valley, Pennsylvania; Vol. 03

Index to Concord town records, 1732-1820; Published by the city of Concord, N. H. in accordance with a joint resolution approved January 9, 1900.

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