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The Official roster of Ohio soldiers in the war with Spain, 1898-1899 PT. 4

Kentucky pensioners of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and Indian Wars

Memorials of the Minnesota forest fires in the year 1894 : with a chapter on the forest fires in Wisconsin in the same year

T*R* L genealogical gems : research leads directory, D-F

Ogden, Weber County, Utah, city cemetery records, Part 4: Sa-Y and Supplement

Relocated cemeteries in Oklahoma and parts of Arkansas, Kansas, Texas

Chase County, Kansas, probate packet index 1856-1939, vol. 1

Bulletin of the Stamford Genealogical Society - v. 13, no. 2 = no. 94 (Nov. 1970)

An epitome of county history, wherein the most remarkable objects, persons, and events are briefly treated of, the seats, residences, etc. of the nobility, clergy and gentry, their architecture, interior decorations, surrounding scenery, etc. described, from personal observations, and the mames, titles and other distinctions, civil, military or ecclesiastical, inserted, with notices of the principal churches, and the monuments and memorials of distinguished families

Revision of revised Merritt record, 1916, section F, record no. 10, supplement


California census of 1852 : County of Tuolumne

Epitaphs from Burial Hill, Plymouth, Massachusetts, from 1657 to 1892 : with biographical and historical notes


Notes and queries

Gazetteer and business directory of Sullivan County, N.Y. for 1872-3

Sandifer : lines of John D. Sandifer (c1783-1854), Johnson P. Sandifer (c1796- 1866), Joseph Sandifer (1800-1871), Joshua A. Sandifer (1797-1882), Peter Sandifer (1771-1844), William Nightingale Sandifer (?by1760- 1850), William Y. Sandifer (17, Vol. 1

Roster and record of Iowa soldiers in the War of the Rebellion : together with historical sketches of volunteer organizations, 1861-1866; v. 02

Notes and queries

The Official roster of Ohio soldiers in the war with Spain, 1898-1899 PT.2

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