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History of the Addington family in United States and England : including many related families : a book of compliments

[New Hampshire provincial and state papers]

Provincial papers, documents and records relating to the Province of New Hampshire : from 1686 to 1722, being Part 1 of papers relating to that period., Vol. 2

A report of the Record Commissioners of the city of Boston containing the Selectmen's minutes, Vol. 11. 1884, records of Boston selectmen, 1701- 1715

[Provincial and state papers]

The Dictionary of national biography; Vol. 04

Biographical and descriptive sketches of the distinguished characters : which compose the unrivalled exhibition of Madame Tussaud and sons


Napoleon and England : 1803-1813, a study from unprinted documents

A student's history of England : from the earliest times to the death of Queen Victoria

Charles Kilgore of King's Mountain : a new history of the Kilgore family

A student's history of England, from the earliest times to the death of King Edward VII

Public school history of England and Canada

Pioneer life on the Bay of Quinte

History of England for use in schools

A history of England from 1760 to 1798 A.D.

York deeds bk.11

The Heraldic journal : recording the armorial bearings and genealogies of American families

The history of the state of Maine : from its first discovery, A.D. 1602, to the separation, A.D. 1820 inclusive, vol. 1 pt. 2

The Great governing families of England. V. 2

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