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A genealogy of the Kreiser family, Vol. 2

The Demarest family, 2nd ed., Vol. 2 : a record of the desMarets family in France, the Holy Land in the crusades, again in France, Holland, the Palatinate (Germany), again in Holland, and the migration to America, 1663 : and of the descendants of David desMaret

Memoirs of the late Reverend Theophilus Lindsey, M. A. : including a brief analysis of his works, together with ancecdotes and letters of eminent persons, his friends and correspondents, also a general view of the progress of the Unitarian doct

The family records of Orr-Fitchs-Mansell and Hoffman originating from Scotland, Ireland, Germany and England : coming to the United States and settling in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Connecticut, first settlers in Connecticut and one ancestor becam

Heirs to the kingdom

Gold star honor roll. A record of Indiana men and women who died in the service of the United States and the allied nations in the world war. 1914-1918

Marks-Barnett families and their kin : including Anderson, Bennett, Bernard, Cargile, Crawford, Eubanks, Gaines, Harvie, Jamison, Matthews, Meriwether, Stark, Tompkins

John Skelton of Georgia

Check list of Chicago anti-fire imprints, 1851-1871

Sir Peter Laurie : a family memoir

Check list of Minnesota imprints, 1849-1865

Heirs to the kingdom

A Brown genealogy

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