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Memorials of the great civil war in England from 1646 to 1652 : Edited from original letters in the Bodleian Library of Charles the First and of numerous other eminent persons

Pennsylvania colonial records. V. 3

Colonial records of Pennsylvania

The parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members

Harvard's military records in the world war

Archives of Maryland

Pennsylvania archives:

Technology's war record : an interpretation of the contribution made by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, its staff, its former students and its undergraduates to the cause of the United States and the allied powers in the Great War, 1914-1919

The county families of the United Kingdom; or, Royal manual of the titled and untitled aristocracy of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland ..

Indianapolis, Indiana city directory

The History of Edgar County, Illinois, containing a history of the county--its cities, towns, &c : directory of its tax-payers ; war records of its volunteers in the late rebellion portraits of early settlers and prominent men ; general and loc

Pennsylvania archives:

Pennsylvania colonial records. V. 4

The Friend : a religious and literary journal

Documents relating to the colonial history of the state of New Jersey, vol. 8

Life and times of Rev. William Patton ; and annals of the Missouri Conference

Pennsylvania archives. Fourth series. V. 01

A history of the British and Foreign Bible Society

Supplement to the Genealogical history of the Stewarts, with corrections and additions : and containing answers to an anonymous attack on that history, published at Edinburgh in February 1799, under the title of "The genealogical history of the

The Friend : a religious and literary journal

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